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Elegant Marquee Setup for Fortis Clothing at the Kelmarsh Show

Tradeshow Marquee with Carpet for Fortis Clothing at the Kelmarsh Show

May 2, 2024

At the heart of any successful event lies a perfect venue setup, and for Fortis Clothing at the Kelmarsh Show, our team was tasked with delivering just that—a sophisticated and functional marquee that echoed the brand’s ethos of quality and durability. The event, known for drawing a discerning crowd, was an excellent platform for Fortis Clothing to showcase their premium outdoor garments. Here’s a look at how we ensured their presentation was nothing short of impressive.

Initial Planning and Coordination

Preparation started with a detailed discussion with Fortis Clothing to understand their specific needs for the Kelmarsh Show. They desired a setup that would not only attract visitors but also provide a comfortable space for customer interactions and product displays. After considering several options, we decided on a 12m by 9m clearspan marquee, which offers a spacious and versatile environment.

Choosing the Marquee

The clearspan marquee was chosen for its robust structure and sleek appearance, capable of creating an open, inviting space without internal poles. This type of marquee is particularly suited for exhibitions where maximising space and visibility is crucial. Its clear panels would allow natural light to flood the interior, enhancing the visibility of the products on display.

Installation at the Kelmarsh Show

The location—Kelmarsh—boasts beautiful, expansive grounds, perfect for large-scale events. Here’s how we executed the marquee installation:

  • Ground Inspection: Upon arrival, our team conducted a thorough inspection of the designated area to ensure the ground was level and suitable for installation.
  • Efficient Assembly: The assembly of the clearspan marquee started early in the day, with every component systematically put together to ensure stability and aesthetics. The structure was securely anchored, ready to withstand any weather conditions, ensuring the safety and comfort of all attendees.
  • Interior Design and Features: Inside the marquee, we laid down plush carpeting, adding a touch of elegance and comfort underfoot that complemented Fortis Clothing’s upscale brand. The layout was designed to facilitate easy movement within the marquee, allowing visitors to view and try on garments without congestion.
  • Finishing Touches: Attention to detail is key in our installations. We ensured that all finishing touches, from the clean lines of the marquee’s exterior to the neatly arranged display areas inside, were in perfect order.

Dismantling and Aftercare

Post-event, our team efficiently dismantled the marquee, ensuring that every piece of equipment was carefully handled and that the site was left in pristine condition. This careful breakdown not only preserves our equipment but also respects the venue’s grounds.

The Kelmarsh Show

Kelmarsh Hall,

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