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Trade Marquee Hire for Shows

APF Event Hire, your premier partner in creating standout experiences at trade shows, trade fairs, trade exhibitions, trade expositions, royal shows, and events nationwide. Elevate your brand presence with our top-notch marquees and event solutions tailored for businesses like yours.

Standout at trade shows

Versatile Marquees: Our extensive range of marquees caters to diverse business needs. From sleek and professional to bold and eye-catching, we have the perfect marquee to showcase your brand at any event.
Multi-Event Flexibility: Save time and effort with our unique multi-event package. Use the same marquee seamlessly across multiple shows throughout the year. Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on what matters – your business.
Complete Event Solutions: Beyond marquees, we offer a comprehensive suite of event essentials. From banner rails and racking systems to trestle tables, we've got you covered. Our goal is to provide a one-stop solution for all your event needs.
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Make Your Stand Unforgettable

Custom Branding: Make a lasting impression with our custom branding options. Your logo and message can be prominently displayed on our marquees, ensuring your brand is front and center at every event.
Showground Expertise: We understand the intricacies of various showgrounds nationwide. Our experienced team is well-acquainted with the logistics, regulations, and layout specifics of different venues. Rest easy knowing that your marquee will be seamlessly integrated into any showground environment.
Professional Service: Our dedicated team is committed to delivering unparalleled service. From the initial consultation to the setup and takedown of your marquee, we prioritize professionalism and efficiency.
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Traders Marquee
Show Example

3 metre by 9 metre (30′ x 10′) Pavillion with waterproof lining.
Overall, a 3-meter by 9-meter pavilion with waterproof lining combines practicality, professionalism, and adaptability, making it a suitable choice for trade shows where weather, space, and presentation are important considerations.
Banner Rails
9 metre banner rails.
You can display your company logo, tagline, and other promotional materials prominently, making your booth stand out from the crowd.
Bespoke Racking System
Bespoke racking sytem made to order.
Display your products and oraginse your store with racking, clothing rails and more.

Optional Extras

Portaloos & Urinal Blocks Available.
Portaloos and urinal blocks contribute to the overall comfort and cleanliness of the festival site. They are essential for meeting the sanitation needs of attendees and maintaining a positive festival experience.
More Available
Much, Much More Available on Request.
Tailor your show experience according to your specific needs. We have chairs, small stages, tables, and much more including additional amenities and equipment.
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