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Festival Marquee & Furniture Hire

Welcome to APF Event Hire, your premier partner for creating unforgettable festival experiences across the UK, with a special focus on Worcestershire's vibrant communities, including Malvern, Ledbury, and Upton. We understand that your festival or stall are not just an event; they are an immersive experience that leaves lasting memories.

Why choose our Marquees for your Festival?

Bespoke Solutions: We offer a diverse range of marquees to suit the unique requirements of every festival, whether it's a cozy community gathering or a large-scale music extravaganza. Our marquees can be customised in size, layout, and design to create the perfect atmosphere for your event.
Quality Assurance: With APF Event Hire, you can trust in the quality of our marquees. Rigorous safety checks and regular maintenance ensure that our structures not only meet but exceed industry standards, providing a secure and reliable environment for your festival.
Standout from the Crowd: Our marquees are not just functional; they're also a visual delight. We understand the importance of creating an inviting and captivating atmosphere for festival-goers. Our marquees can be adorned with various accessories and decorations to match the theme and ambiance of your event.
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Make Your Festival Unforgettable

Reliable: When it comes to festivals, timing is crucial. You can count on APF Event Hire to deliver and set up your marquee promptly, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of event planning.
Weather Proof: Our marquees provide shelter from the elements, offering your festival-goers protection from rain or intense sunlight. This is crucial for ensuring a positive experience and maintaining the safety and comfort of your attendees.
Versatile: Our marquees are versatile and can be used for various purposes. They can serve as stages for performances, gathering areas, dining spaces, or exhibition spaces. Their flexibility allows you to adapt the space to different needs throughout the festival.
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Large Event
Festival Example

Marquee 1
9 meter by 30 meter (30′ x 100′) Pavillion with 2 x blackout roofs & lights.
This large marquee serves as a significant space for various festival activities, potentially housing a stage, performance area, or exhibition space. The blackout roofs offer versatility by controlling lighting conditions, ideal for performances or visual displays that require specific lighting effects or complete darkness. The inclusion of lights ensures that the marquee can be used during the evening or in low-light conditions, extending the usability of the festival space.
Marquee 2
9 meter by 18 meter (30′ x 60′) Pavilion with 2 x blackout roofs & lights.
This slightly smaller marquee can be used for a variety of purposes, such as hosting smaller performances, workshops, or vendor stalls. Similar to Marquee 1, additional features provide flexibility and extended usage options, catering to different activities and preferences.
6 meter by 6 meter (20′ x 20′) Pagoda.
Exclusive Space: The backstage pagoda provides a dedicated and more private area for performers, speakers, or event organizers to prepare and relax before going on stage.
Health & Safety
3 x Fire Extinguishers.
The provision of fire extinguishers underscores the festival organisers' commitment to safety, complying with health and safety regulations and providing prompt response capabilities in case of emergencies.

Optional Extras

Portaloos & Urinal Blocks Available.
Portaloos and urinal blocks contribute to the overall comfort and cleanliness of the festival site. They are essential for meeting the sanitation needs of attendees and maintaining a positive festival experience.
More Available
Much, Much More Available on Request.
Tailor your festival experience according to your specific needs. We have chairs, small stages, tables, dance floors and much more including additional amenities and equipment.
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