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APF Event Hire Delivers Stellar Crewing Services for Monnow Marquees at Tredegar House Folk Festival

APF Event Hire Crewing Services for Monnow Marquees at Tredegar House Folk Festival

May 10, 2024

At APF Event Hire, we take immense pride in offering top-notch crewing services that ensure your event is a resounding success. Our recent collaboration with Monnow Marquees at the Tredegar House Folk Festival, held at the picturesque Tredegar House Park in Newport, South Wales, stands as a shining example of our dedication and expertise.

Setting the Stage for Celebration The Tredegar House Folk Festival, a cultural extravaganza held on May 10, 11, and 12, required an expansive marquee to host its multitude of festivities. Monnow Marquees, a trusted name in marquee hire, sought our professional assistance to erect a 15m x 12m structure that would become the heart of the event. Our experienced crew worked hand-in-hand with Monnow Marquees, demonstrating precision, efficiency, and professionalism throughout the setup.

Building Trust with Every Pole The process began with meticulous planning to ensure that every detail was accounted for. Our team understood the importance of timing, coordination, and safety while assembling the marquee, ensuring that it met the highest standards of quality and reliability. Every pole, stake, and canvas was set up with care and accuracy, transforming the open park into a vibrant hub where festival-goers could enjoy the music, dance, and camaraderie in comfort.

Exceptional Crewing for Unmatched Events APF Event Hire’s crewing services are designed to elevate the vision of event organizers. For Monnow Marquees, we went the extra mile to provide a robust structure that could weather any conditions while offering a spacious environment for performances, workshops, and social gatherings. The marquee became a welcoming space where the folk spirit of the festival came alive, thanks to the dedication and expertise of our crew.

A Festival to Remember This year’s Tredegar House Folk Festival was a testament to the collaborative spirit of event professionals. By combining Monnow Marquees’ beautiful marquee design with our efficient and skilled setup, the event offered a seamless experience to all attendees. The festival resonated with the joyous sounds of folk music and lively conversations, all under the sturdy roof of the 15m x 12m marquee that stood tall due to our team’s exceptional workmanship.

At APF Event Hire, we are proud to be a trusted partner for marquee and event hire services. Our recent work with Monnow Marquees at the Tredegar House Folk Festival demonstrates our commitment to providing reliable, professional, and efficient crewing services. Whether your event requires a marquee setup or other specialized support, we’re here to help your vision come to life.

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