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Seamless Marquee Installation for Warwickshire Clothing at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

Seamless Marquee Installation for Warwickshire Clothing at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

May 2, 2024

When tasked with providing a marquee for Warwickshire Clothing at the prestigious Royal Windsor Horse Show, our goal was to deliver a seamless, elegant, and consistent service that would resonate with the distinguished atmosphere of the event. Our contract with Warwickshire Clothing includes providing the same high-quality marquee and setup at each event, ensuring brand continuity and a reliable customer experience.

Pre-Event Coordination

Preparation began long before the actual event day. Coordination with event organisers and Warwickshire Clothing ensured that we had all the necessary details, such as location, space dimensions, and specific event guidelines, well in advance. Our longstanding relationship with Warwickshire Clothing allowed us to refine and perfect the setup process, making each installation more efficient.

Day Before the Event: Installation

The installation process is streamlined to be completed within a day, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. Our experienced team arrived on site early to begin the setup. Here’s how we managed the installation:

  • Ground Inspection and Layout: Our first task was to inspect the site, confirming that the ground conditions and layout were optimal for our marquee placement.
  • Marquee Erection: We then proceeded to erect the marquee. Given the regular use of this particular structure, each component from frames to fastenings is familiar to our team, allowing for a swift and secure assembly.
  • Interior Setup: The interior of the marquee was tailored to reflect the elegance of Warwickshire Clothing’s brand. This included fitting the marquee with stylish furnishings, sophisticated lighting, and bespoke display units designed to complement the luxurious aesthetic of their products.
  • Safety Checks: Before completing the setup, a comprehensive safety check was conducted to ensure everything was securely fastened and that the marquee met all safety regulations.

Post-Event Dismantling

After the conclusion of the Royal Windsor Horse Show, our team returned to dismantle the marquee. This process is also streamlined to ensure that it is completed efficiently and without leaving any trace on the event grounds. Our approach involves:

  • Systematic Dismantling: Carefully deconstructing the marquee to preserve the integrity of all components for future use.
  • Site Cleanup: Ensuring the site is left in pristine condition, respecting the prestigious venue and its surroundings.

Ongoing Partnership and Future Events

Our managed marquee hire arrangement with Warwickshire Clothing is designed to provide consistency and reliability across all events. This not only enhances brand presence but also significantly reduces the logistical burden on our client. Each successful event builds on our mutual understanding and refines our service delivery.


The Royal Windsor Horse Show was yet another excellent opportunity to showcase our expertise in marquee installation and to contribute to the success of Warwickshire Clothing’s event presence. By managing the entire process from installation to removal, we ensure that our client can focus entirely on their exhibit and customers. Looking ahead, we are committed to maintaining this high standard of service and adapting to any new challenges that may arise in future events.

Royal Windsor Horse Show is located in the Private Grounds of Windsor Castle, in the busy town of Windsor.

Showground Address
Royal Windsor Horse Show
King Edward VII Car Park
Home Park
Romney Lock Road
Berkshire SL4 1QE

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