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Elegant Marquee Installation for Home Furniture Store at RHS Flower Show, Hampton Court Palace

Marquee Installation for Home Furniture Store at RHS Flower Show, Hampton Court Palace

July 10, 2024

The RHS Flower Show at Hampton Court Palace is one of the UK’s most prestigious gardening events, attracting thousands of visitors each year. Set against the historical backdrop of Henry VIII’s favorite residence, the show features a stunning array of floral displays, gardening talks, and workshops. It’s an ideal venue for brands to showcase their products amidst the beauty of nature, and for 2024, Home Furniture Store aimed to make a significant impact with their presence.

Project Brief and Requirements

Home Furniture Store, a brand renowned for its quality and design excellence in home furnishings, sought to create an immersive shopping experience at the RHS Flower Show. They required a marquee that not only accommodated their extensive range of furniture but also mirrored the elegance and comfort of a well-appointed home.

Choosing the 9m x 12m Clearspan Marquee

To meet these needs, we provided a 9m x 12m clearspan marquee. The choice was driven by the need for a spacious, open-plan layout that could be easily navigated by visitors and could elegantly display a variety of furniture settings. Clearspan marquees are ideal for this purpose as they offer a column-free interior that maximizes usable space.

Installation and Features

The installation process was carefully planned to ensure everything was perfect for the opening day of the show:

  • Window Walls: Given the scenic location, window walls were installed to allow natural light to permeate the space and to offer views of the surrounding floral displays, linking the indoor and outdoor elements seamlessly.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the main challenges was the British weather, which can be unpredictable even in summer. The marquee was equipped with robust weatherproofing features to handle sudden changes, ensuring the comfort of both the furniture and the guests. Additionally, the layout was designed to accommodate a high volume of visitors while allowing for intimate discussions and negotiations.


The RHS Flower Show at Hampton Court Palace was a resounding success for Home Furniture Store, thanks in large part to the sophisticated and well-planned marquee installation. Our commitment to providing tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients was once again evident, showcasing our expertise in marquee hire and event support. We look forward to future opportunities to assist exhibitors at high-profile events, helping them achieve their promotional and sales objectives.

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