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Dual Marquee Installation for Warwickshire Clothing at the Royal Highland Show

Dual Marquee Installation for Warwickshire Clothing at the Royal Highland Show

July 10, 2024

At the bustling Royal Highland Show, Warwickshire Clothing sought to make a significant impact with not just one, but two marquees, each tailored to showcase their premium range of outdoor clothing. Our longstanding relationship with Warwickshire Clothing equipped us with the insights needed to deliver an installation that perfectly aligned with their branding and the unique atmosphere of the show.

About the Royal Highland Show

The Royal Highland Show, one of Scotland’s most iconic events, is a celebration of rural life and brings together the best of farming, food, and rural industries. Held annually at the Royal Highland Centre near Edinburgh, this event attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors, including families, farmers, and industry professionals. It’s a vibrant hub for commerce, culture, and community that spans four days, offering an ideal platform for businesses like Warwickshire Clothing to connect with a diverse audience.

Planning and Coordination

Preparation for the event started months in advance, with detailed discussions on the design and layout of the marquees. Warwickshire Clothing’s requirements were clear: they needed distinct spaces—one for showcasing their latest clothing line and another for customer interactions and transactions.

Marquee Selection and Features

The selection of two 10m x 15m clearspan marquees was made to ensure ample space for both display and engagement. The clearspan design was chosen for its versatility and unobstructed interiors, ideal for creating an inviting and open retail environment.

  • Showcase Marquee: This marquee was designed to function as an immersive retail experience. It featured elegant display racks and ample lighting to highlight the quality and detail of Warwickshire Clothing’s products.
  • Engagement Marquee: The second marquee served as a welcoming space for customer interactions, fitted with comfortable seating and tables. This area was intended to foster a relaxed atmosphere where staff could discuss products with potential buyers and take orders.

Reflections on the Installation

The dual marquee setup for Warwickshire Clothing at the Royal Highland Show was a resounding success. It allowed them to effectively showcase their products and engage with customers in a dynamic, rural setting. The feedback from the client and the event attendees was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the functionality, design, and the overall impact of the installation.


Our collaboration with Warwickshire Clothing at the Royal Highland Show exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional marquee installations that meet our clients’ specific needs. With our tailored approach, attention to detail, and dedication to customer satisfaction, we help our clients make a lasting impression at major events.

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