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APF Event Hire Delivers Stylish and Functional Marquee Solutions at The South of England Show

APF Event Hire Delivers Functional Marquee Solutions at The South of England Show

July 10, 2024

At this year’s South of England Show, one of the region’s most celebrated gatherings featuring agriculture, crafts, and commerce, APF Event Hire was privileged to provide marquee hire and installation for four distinguished clients: Lanx, Warwickshire Clothing, Moda, and Fortis Clothing. Each client presented unique requirements, and our team was geared up to create bespoke environments tailored to showcase each brand’s best.

Customised Marquee Installations for Each Brand

Lanx Shoes: A Marketplace for Crafted Footwear

Lanx Shoes, known for their stylish yet practical footwear, required a marquee that reflected the quality and craftsmanship of their products. We designed a marquee with an open and inviting layout, incorporating rustic elements that echoed the artisanal nature of Lanx shoes. Strategic lighting showcased the footwear’s fine details, while interactive displays allowed guests to feel and appreciate the materials and construction firsthand.

Warwickshire Clothing: Outdoor Apparel in the Great Outdoors

For Warwickshire Clothing, a brand that epitomises the British outdoor lifestyle, we set up a robust and earth-toned marquee. The space was optimised for displaying a range of outdoor clothing and accessories, facilitating easy movement and interaction. The design featured a casual, welcoming environment that mirrored the durability and comfort of their apparel, appealing directly to outdoor enthusiasts visiting the show.

Moda: Elegance and Fashion Forward

Moda, a name synonymous with contemporary fashion, demanded a marquee that was not only elegant but also modern. The APF team delivered by installing a chic and sleek marquee with a minimalist design, accented with bold branding and luxurious fittings. A high-contrast colour scheme enhanced the visual appeal of their avant-garde apparel, creating an enticing boutique-like setting.

Fortis Clothing: Durability Meets Design

Fortis Clothing, specialists in rugged outdoor and military wear, needed a marquee that communicated strength and reliability. The installation featured a tactical and masculine theme with utilitarian furnishings that highlighted the endurance of their products. We ensured the space was interactive, allowing visitors to examine the resilience of the materials and the functionality of the designs.

Seamless Service and Professional Execution

Each marquee was strategically placed to attract maximum foot traffic and designed to stand out visually while remaining cohesive with the overall theme of the South of England Show. Our team managed the complete setup, from initial concept discussions through to the final installations, ensuring that each marquee was perfectly suited to our clients’ needs and the event’s audience.

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