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APF Event Hire at The Highclere Show with Bespoke Marquee Installations

APF Event Hire at The Highclere Show with Bespoke Marquee Installations

June 6, 2024

The Highclere Show is a much-anticipated event set against the stunning backdrop of Highclere Castle, offering a spectacular blend of countryside and elegance. This year, APF Event Hire was privileged to collaborate with three distinctive clients: Fortis Clothing, Crown Oak Furniture, and Jagga & Sons Ltd, each requiring a unique marquee setup to showcase their esteemed products.

Fortis Clothing: Rugged Elegance in the Great Outdoors

Fortis Clothing, a brand synonymous with durable and stylish outdoor wear, sought a marquee that reflected its rugged yet refined ethos. Our challenge was to design a space that not only displayed their clothing effectively but also invited interaction and lingered exploration from visitors.

We installed a robust, weather-resistant marquee equipped with natural lighting to enhance the visibility of the products and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Inside, the layout was strategically planned with ample space around product displays, facilitating easy movement for visitors while allowing them to fully appreciate the quality of Fortis Clothing’s garments.

Crown Oak Furniture: Crafting an Elegant Display Space

Crown Oak Furniture, known for its exquisite handcrafted oak furnishings, required a marquee that mirrored the sophistication and quality of its products. The design needed to accommodate large furniture pieces while also allowing space for potential customers to admire and interact with the items.

Our solution was a spacious, elegantly draped marquee that provided a backdrop reminiscent of a luxury showroom. We used soft, ambient lighting to highlight the natural beauty of the wood and arranged the furniture in inviting settings that simulated a real home environment, encouraging visitors to envision these pieces in their own spaces.

Jagga & Sons Ltd: A Taste of Tradition and Quality

Jagga & Sons Ltd, specialists in fine foods, returned with us to create a marquee that functioned both as a display and a tasting venue. They required a layout that would attract food lovers and facilitate an engaging sensory experience with their gourmet products.

The marquee featured open, accessible stations where visitors could sample products directly. We incorporated high-quality display units and ambient lighting to make the food the star of the show. Seating areas were also provided, where guests could relax and enjoy their tastings in comfort, enhancing their overall experience at the show.

Expert Installation and Seamless Service

Our team at APF Event Hire managed the entire process from planning through to execution with meticulous attention to detail. We collaborated closely with each client to ensure that their individual needs and brand visions were perfectly translated into the marquee designs.

Installation was completed efficiently and on schedule, ensuring each marquee was immaculate and ready for the influx of show visitors. Safety, functionality, and aesthetics were our top priorities, ensuring that each structure not only looked exceptional but was also secure and suited to the demands of a busy event.

Conclusion: APF Event Hire Delivers at The Highclere Show

The marquees for Fortis Clothing, Crown Oak Furniture, and Jagga & Sons Ltd were met with enthusiasm and praise from both the clients and the attendees. Our ability to create tailored environments that enhanced each brand’s presence at The Highclere Show was a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence.

At APF Event Hire, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, bespoke marquee hire and installation services that bring our clients’ visions to life. Whether it’s a countryside show, corporate event, or private function, we ensure that every project we undertake is memorable and unique. Contact us today to see how we can help make your next event a standout success!

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